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Reaction mechanisms/name reactions:

– http://www.organic-chemistry.org/namedreactions/

– https://www.rsc.org/Merck-Index/reaction

– http://www.monomerchem.com/display4.html

– http://www.synarchive.com/named-reactions

For synthetic organic chemistry problems

– https://www.epfl.ch/labs/lcso/group/meetings/synthesis-problems/

For tables of pKa’s, see:

– Prof. Reich’s table

 Prof. Evan’s table

Web-based NMR & Spectral Tools:

Agilent and Waters LC/MS Primers and HPLC Troubleshooting Guide; Information on Solvent Switches and RP Buffer Selection

 Predictor/Assigner/ResurrectorNMR Shift DatabaseChemExper Chemical DirectorySpectral Database for Organic CompoundsNIST Database

Choosing the best NMR Pulse Sequences, Acquisition Parameters, Postacquisition Processing Strategies, and Probes

Common NMR Solvents & Impurities

Common MS Impurities

Common Chemical Additives in Plastics

1H NMR Coupling Constant Analysis

Strategies & Tools for NMR based Structure Determination

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Houben-Weyl Science of Synthesis

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Summary of Common Crystallization Solvents

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